Aubrey Chayson is a luxury womenswear label based in Australia. The brand empowers women through design with a powerful and graceful aesthetic. The brand’s core signature style focusses on the eponymous rose print silk, and tailored, feminine silhouettes - proudly made with 100% love, 100% silk and 100% ethical labour.

The goal: is to spark understanding of the power of individual choice, and to encourage thoughtful, ethical consumption of clothes - and to remind each other of the value of treasuring our belongings and investing in high quality.

Aubrey Chayson is proud to create beautiful, well constructed garments, each collection is meticulously crafted by impeccable artisans and seamstresses in Canberra, Sydney and Beijing.

Having showed as part of the official Vancouver Fashion Week schedule, Aubrey Chayson is a beloved Australian brand gaining cult status internationally.