Ethical fashion is the only fashion you should be wearing. Sustainable fashion is the only fashion you should be wearing. Timeless fashion is the only fashion you should be wearing.

Aubrey Chayson The Label Is Proudly Australian.

  • 100% SILK

    All garments are constructed with 100% of the finest quality Mulberry Charmeuse Silk. Silk is a natural fibre, that is luxuriously soft, odour resistant and hypoallengic - keeping you and the world a healthier place.


    Did you know that only 4% of garment makers were paid a fair wage in 2018? All clothes are made completely ethically made and sourced from BSCI accredited ethical companies, with production occurring in Sydney, Canberra, Seoul and Beijing.


    Did you know that most fast fashion clothes are purposefully designed to break down after just 6 wears? Aubrey Chayson The Label is constructed with the finest quality materials and design - fit for heirlooms.


All kids deserve a fair go, all proceeds of the fashion shows will go to Variety, the children's Charity. Donate just $15 to be added to the exclusive guestlist.

Ethically made clothes are the only clothes you should be wearing.

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How do I read a material label?

Natural fibre materials are better for your skin, and better for the environment. Always read the label on your clothes; and look for silk, wool, or cotton.

Why is silk the best material?

Our silks are charmeuse mulberry silk - and made by BSCI accredited ethically made manufacturers. Silk is soft, gentle on the skin (even the most sensitive of skin's suit silk well) hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, odourless and insulates heat and coolness depending on your body temperature. 

What clothes are the best clothes for me?

Your clothes should be made of the highest quality, in flattering fits that allow you to be comfortable, and express yourself. Put your best foot forward by speaking volumes about who you are with your clothes, ensure that you care about the people who made your clothes, and the impact your choices have on the earth. 

How do I buy tickets to Aubrey's Charity Fashion Show?

In keeping with our values of sustainability and ethics, all tickets to the show will be processed electronically. Simply bring your ID, and directly donate to Variety the Children's Charity, through this link - https://missworldaustralia2019.everydayhero.com/au/aubrey-s-charity-fashion-show - to have your name added to the exclusive guest list. Join us on May 25 at 2:30pm-4:30pm or May 28 4pm-7pm at The Howling Moon at 150 Northbourne Ave Canberra 2601.